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Solar B.Light 

Solar Version Now Available

  • Fully compliant with M.U.T.C.D Specification 6E-5

  • Fully compliant with ITE Purchase Specifications for High-Intensity Warning lights

  • State of the Art circuitry ensures years of trouble free operation

  • Efficient design ensures longs battery life - up to 4+ months

  • Operates on either 2 or 4 D-Cells

  • Maximum circuit efficiency translates into maximum intensity

  • 360 Degree swivel base

  • Weatherproof

  • High Impact Housing between the lenses absorbs impact to help reduce breakage and replacement costs

  • High Impact Polypropylene base and Polycarbonate Lens

  • Available in Amber / Red / Blue & White



  • Light Source: High-intensity LED

  • Flash Rate: 65/min +/- 10%

  • Intensity: Exceeds 36 CD

  • Viewing Distance: 1km+

  • Power Supply: 2 or 4 1.5v D Alkaline cells. 12 Alkaline D cells with optical bases

  • Operating Cycle: 200/400/1200 hours

  • Model Available: Automatic Operation - Flashing day and night

  • Lens: High Impact Optical Polycarbonate with UV protection

  • Base: High Impact Polypropylene with UV protection

  • Dimensions: 195mmX90mmx235mm

  • Weight: 0.78kg

Technical Specifications:

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