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Solar Inverter

The inverter converters DC to AC Such as 12V or 24V DC power can be switched to 230V, 50HZ AC power or other AC electric power. The output AC can be applied to all kinds of AC equipment. Inverters can meet the requirement for Mobile customers or non-battery power zone users. Meanwhile, our inverters can apply to all kinds of voltages for different countries.



Under-voltage protection, under-voltage alarm, high- voltage protection, reverse connection protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection.



To provide DC12v or 24V power supply, to full mobile users or uses in the region of the AC power needs.



  1. Overload protection: Automatically shuts down when continuous draw exceeds rated continuous watt.

  2. Over voltage protection: Automatically shuts down when inputs exceed 16 + 1VDC.

  3. Low voltage alarm: Audible when battery discharges to 10.5 + 0.5VDC

  4. Under voltage protection: Automatically shuts down when an input is less than 10.0 +  0.5VDC.

  5. Thermal protection: Automatically shuts down when housing temperature exceeds 70 degrees centigrade.




Models :

We offer models range From 150 Watt Continuous Power. 300 Watts peak power to  3000 Watt Continuous Power. 6000 Watts peak power. 


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