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Power Beacon IS-800

The Interplex IS800 series Beacon offers LED Obstruction Lighting for airports, construction and marine applications. IS800 BEACONS are used on Commercial Cranes, at Airports, Landmarks,

Telecommunication Towers, Buoys, Boats, and Inland Waterways and numerous other applications. From Forest.

Ranger Towers to on Road Signage, where ever the FAA L810 specification is called for.



  • Available as a single or dual unit 

  • H.I. Optical LED technology lasts years longer than an incandescent.

  • Earth grounding provision provided

  • P.C. & UV protected Optical Lens.

  • A fully self-contained electrical control system eliminates additional boxes.

  • Steady or Flashing Modes with Variable Option for On Times and Frequency.

  • Shock & Vibration resistance.

  • 5 Year warranty.

  • Waterproof IP66  EN-60529



The beacon comes pre-assembled and can be mounted

on to any profile up to 60mm diameter and tightened with

the 4 stainless screws (1/4") supplied with the unit.

*Note: for larger dimensions, optional adapters are available



The Interplex solar IS-800 conforms to the FAA  L-810

Obstruction Beacon applications.

In use for the Marine Industry, Airports, Telecommunication Towers, Construction Cranes, Inland Waterways and emergency




The 5 year warranty is on the electronics and LED's, for service please return to Interplex Solar, repairs are to be made only by interplex soalr laboratories or an authorized dealer.

Any attempt to open the unit or tampering voids the warranty.

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 800-889-0870 or fill out the following form.

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